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Adjusting To Loss With Bereavement Counselling At Our Harley Street Office

Death may be a part of living, but dealing with death, loss and separation can be very difficult. This is true for sudden and unexpected tragedies as well as for deaths that are expected due to age, illness or combinations of factors. People may also grieve less tangible deaths and losses such as the loss of a valued friendship, the breakup of a relationship or a diagnosis of a chronic illness for themselves or a loved one.

When grieving and loss becomes overwhelming and impacts your ability to live your life our therapists at the Harley Street office can provide bereavement counselling.

The Grieving Process

Grieving after a loss or a major unexpected and perhaps unwanted change in life is very natural. Our counsellors at the Harley Street office in central London are often asked by clients if their grieving is normal or typical. It is important to realise that everyone grieves differently and there is no right or wrong approach provided the behaviour doesn’t become damaging or destructive.

It is very common, but not universal, that people that are grieving or mourning to go through a series of emotional stages, often referred to as the grief cycle. How they act, feel and experience the stages will be different for each person. This cycle includes stages of:

  • Denial – not accepting the loss
  • Anger – at self or at the loved one
  • Bargaining – struggling to find meaning and to gain control
  • Depression – sadness and regret and the final acknowledgment of the loss
  • Acceptance – the first step in moving forward in life

Behaviours during these stages can also be very different between people. Some may throw themselves into activities to stay busy while others may isolate and attempt to deal with their grief and loss privately.

When Bereavement Counselling Is Important

There is no standard time for grieve and mourning to last. Your personality, your past experiences with loss and change, your faith or spirituality, your support system and even your connections in the world around you will all influence your ability to heal emotionally. However, when grief and grieving becomes overwhelming, immobilising and destructive to your ability to move forward with your life we are here to help.

At our Harley Street office our bereavement counsellors will work with you to develop healthy, effective and proactive coping strategies to handle the loss that you have experienced. The treatment will include a holistic approach that is based on your needs and the best match between therapies and your personality.

The therapy options can include a wide spectrum of techniques and methods from art therapy to provide free expression of your deepest emotions to talk therapy to help you to process and work through the loss on your own terms.

Posted by : Philippe Jacquet