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Coach Executive Harley Street

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For professionals in senior positions within firms, companies, organisations, and in leadership roles, finding private, confidential, and effective support for personal and professional growth can be very challenging.

These individuals, already possessing significant experience and extensive education in their field of expertise, may also not have the time from their demanding careers to take any type of formal training. They may want to work on personal goals that include more effective communication, increasing problem-solving or conflict resolution skills, or other interpersonal skills rather than more specific business-related skills.

At Philippe Jacquet & Associates Specialist Coach executive Harley Street, communication and interaction techniques are used both on the job and in their personal relationships.

With more than a decade of experience in providing one-on-one, client-centred and bespoke Coach executive Harley Street services, Philippe Jacquet has helped hundreds of industry leaders. His focus has been on working with top executives such as bankers, barristers and solicitors, CEOs, politicians, financiers, and other professionals to achieve their personal goals in a confidential and supportive environment.

Bespoke Program Coach executive Harley Street

All Coach executive Harley Street sessions are completed in private, with several options for meeting locations. For some professionals, coming into Philippe Jacquet & Associates offers a way to get away from demands of the office, while for others, meeting at a convenient location or even at the client’s office may be the most effective.

The program will be developed based on the goals of each client. The Coach executive Harley Street acts as a catalyst or a resource to assist the professional in determining what the desired change is, and how to best achieve that change.

Through Mr. Jacquet’s extensive professional training and experience, he is able to integrate psychodynamic concepts to help the client develop solutions, determine which is the best option, and assist in developing a structured approach to achieve the desired goals.

With his experience as a psychotherapist, Mr. Jacquet incorporates a range of different techniques to provide this support and facilitate the change. These can include hypnotherapy, focused goal approach, exercises and role play, and a range of other integrated techniques carefully selected for each individual.

The Benefits Of Coach executive Harley Street

One of the most important elements of Coach Executive Harley Street is the personal autonomy of the client. The Executive Coach is there to assist in working out problems, reality checking possible solutions, and to help manage the change process. The Coach is not the centre of the sessions, but rather the facilitator of clarifying the client’s own answers and helping to design a workable plan for the future.

Executive Coaching is an ideal way to make personal changes, and to continually grow as an individual and a leader. In the safe and confidential environment of the coaching sessions, new ideas, possible solutions, and even uncertainties can be examined without judgement. Providing insight and understanding are not possible without this support and structure.

The entire goal of Coach Executive Harley Street, regardless of the specific issues, is to bring about positively actionable change. It is a highly productive, client-centred option that can be used to make changes at a personal and a professional level without an extensive commitment of time by already established professionals in any career.

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