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Overeating Counselling Harley Street

overeating counselling Harley

Overeating is a general term that can be used to describe a range of behaviours that include binge eating as well as bulimia. In these disorders a person overeats in short bursts or binges and then may purge or attempt to burn off the food consumed with unhealthy exercise and highly restrictive diets. In addition overeating counselling Harley Street may also be classified as a compulsive behaviour where a person uses food as a way to cope with various stressors in their environment.

At our Harley Street our highly trained and experienced counsellors and therapists provide a holistic approach to all types of overeating disorders. Our overeating counselling Harley Street is not designed to be a set approach that is used with each client but rather a bespoke treatment that is uniquely designed to match the client needs.

Overeating counselling Harley Street : The First Step

The first step in overeating counselling Harley Street Office is to work with the client to determine the underlying issues that are driving the behaviour. We understand it is not about a lack of willpower or a lack of self-control and it is not about blaming the client for not staying on a diet. It is about how as a human, dealing with complex issues in life, ineffective and harmful coping mechanisms have developed over time.

Through counselling we will work together to unravel those unhealthy coping mechanisms and help you to develop your own effective, healthy ways to deal with the triggers or stressors in your life. Often this includes addressing other conditions such as anxiety, stress, past abuse or even post-traumatic stress disorder. We will also address issues with self-confidence and self-esteem as well as guilt, shame and anger that may also be present.

Learning New Behaviours

Through the use of various techniques and approaches overeating counselling Harley Street will provide the support, education and therapeutic interventions needed to address the root issue that is driving the overeating behaviour. Then, the patient and counsellor will work together to replace those old and harmful thoughts, ideas and beliefs with healthy, positive options.

The result of participating in overeating counselling is that the client develops a new way to look at themselves, to have the ability to choose better coping strategies, and also to gain confidence about themselves moving forward in their healthy lifestyle.

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