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Anorexia Treatment Harley Street

anorexia treatment harley

Our anorexia treatment Harley Street Approach

Whist anorexia treatment Harley Street can occur at any age and in younger males and females, it is most commonly associated with girls in their teenage and early adult years. Anorexia treatment at our Harley Street Office not only helps to provide education and sound nutritional practices for our clients, but we also use a variety of different therapeutic options to provide a holistic approach to healing on a highly individualized and personalised level.

Anorexia treatment Harley Street : The Inner Self

Anorexia treatment, like bulimia, compulsive eating and other eating disorders, may have some physical and physiological roots, but it is largely an emotional and mental health condition. Patents with anorexia have an inability to see themselves accurately. This is known as a distorted self-image or inaccurate perception of self.

For anorexics their inner sense of self, the actual person that they see when they look in the mirror, is not the same person that you or I would see. Despite being very thin, even to the point of literal starvation, they see themselves as fat or they may compare what they perceive their body to be against some impossible standard. Often girls with anorexia refuse to acknowledge that they have a problem and point to supermodels or the latest star as proof that they need to be thin to be successful, popular or meaningful in the world around them.

The Anorexia Treatment Harley Street Plan

After meeting with the therapists at the anorexia treatment Harley Street Office plan will be developed that is specific to the issues expressed by the client. This may include incorporating a range of different therapeutic models to get to the underlying cause of the distortion of self-image. It may be that the client has to deal with issues within their family of origin, get treatment for depression, or has to address abuse or acknowledge that they are in denial about their declining health.

Anorexia treatment Harley Street Office or our other locations is not a simple, one step process. It will take a skilled psychotherapist with years of experience in working with patients with eating disorders to explore how this negative self-image and thought pattern evolved, and then work with the patient to learn new, positive, healthy and reality based ways to see themselves in the future. 

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