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Addiction Counselling

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Addictions can happen to anyone at any point in life. Research over the last two decades, especially with the ability to see brain activity through imaging, has led to a much higher level of understanding of the root causes of addiction in individuals of all ages and in all parts of society.

It wasn’t too long ago that addiction was seen as an issue with the inability to exert self-control, which is absolutely the wrong belief. Scientists and researchers have now clearly linked addiction with changes in the human brain on a chemical and neurological basis. At our Harley Street addiction counsellor office, our professionals offering addiction counselling are able to help you understand the physical and psychological issues with addiction, while also assisting in providing treatment to help you change destructive and damaging behaviours.

The Brain Change

Most times, people that come into the Harley Street office for addiction counselling feel that they have failed in some way. They may think that they have failed to stay the course of sobriety or that they have an inability to control their impulses when it comes to using a drug, alcohol, or behaviour that they know is damaging.

What these individuals, their families, and friends may not realise is that the use of specific types of chemicals, including drugs and alcohol, can actually change the way the brain experiences positive or pleasurable events. These substances become the stimulus for the release of brain chemicals, known as neurotransmitters, which provide those “feel good” feelings. Normal activities such as interactions with others, having fun, or exercise pale in comparison to the neurotransmitter burst that is achieved through the use of the substance.

Non-Substance Addiction Counselling at the Harley Street Office

That neurotransmitter change may explain why substances become addicting, but what about behaviours such as eating, gambling, sex, or viewing pornography? Through brain imaging and scans, it has been clearly determined that these activities also stimulate the neurotransmitters in the brain, very similar to what is seen with various drugs and alcohol.

In addition to all these, people that typically arrive for addiction counselling at the Harley Street office have developed a tolerance for the addictive behaviour or substance. This is why addicts of all types escalate in their addiction as it takes a larger stimulus to create the same level of stimulus in the brain.

Addiction counselling at our Harley Street office can provide information and education to the family, and the individual, about the reality of addiction. Our counsellors, all highly trained and with years of experience in addiction recovery, will assist in developing alternative coping mechanisms that allow you to live a life free from addictions.

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