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depression counselling at harley street, central london

The Importance Of Seeking Help For Depression

One of the most common reasons that individuals seek counselling services through our Harley Street office is depression. In our central London office we see clients from London and beyond that are struggling with this mood disorder that impacts people of all socioeconomic levels, all professions, and all walks of life.

In some cases our clients come to us because they have already received a diagnosis and are seeking depression counselling. In others they arrive knowing that something is wrong in their life but not being able to definite it or categorise it as depression. This is very understandable as many people have lived with depression for so long it has become the norm for them in their life.

Typical Symptoms

Our central London clients at the Harley Street office report the same typical symptoms that people all over the world report. In general the symptoms we see in depression counselling most often include:

  • Feelings of being alone, empty or sad even when others around are experiencing joy and happiness
  • Loss of pleasure in life, even in those things that once were important and brought considerable joy
  • Fatigue, both mental and physical as well as chronic aches and pains, headaches and constant exhaustion
  • Difficulty or changes in sleep
  • Changes in appetite
  • Difficulty in thinking, remembering or concentrating
  • Thoughts of harming self or suicidal thoughts or attempts
  • Possible issues with self-medication through alcohol or drugs
Agitation, restlessness, inability to relate to others and even a loss of interest in going to work, maintaining a home or maintaining friendships and relationships are also common issues.

Depression Counselling and Treatment

Our staff in central London at the Harley Street office design a depression counselling treatment plan for each client. Working from your strengths and matching treatment techniques to what is most effective for you is our primary focus. This includes assisting you in developing your own unique methods of addressing depression and learning how to change your life to avoid triggers and stressors that have been problematic in the past. Ours is a true holistic, client centred approach in all our therapeutic sessions.

Through depression counselling you will learn about yourself and strategies that you can use to cope when you are feeling overwhelmed. We also provide education about depression, which is a chemical imbalance in the brain, and how lifestyle changes and strategies such as relaxation, journaling and building a strong support network can be very helpful moving forward.

Depression counselling can include art therapy, a wonderful way to express inner turmoil and thoughts without having to say a word. For some clients we may also recommend hypnotherapy or other types of therapies that will support you in making the positive changes in your life to cope with depression and take control of your life.

Posted by : Philippe Jacquet